Growing Tips


Would you like to get started growing glads?


Common questions -- Do I have to dig my glads?  How do I keep my glads from falling over?  Contact the website and we will share our tips with you!


Fall is time for digging our glads.  (If you choose to leave them in the ground, it is a good idea to put some leaves or other mulch on top of your glad area.)


Dig your bulbs at least six weeks after blooming but before frost.  Remove dead stem with scissors leaving only 1/2” of stem or by twisting off stem.  The bulb you see is not the bulb you planted in the spring.  The energy from the one you planted was used to make your flower.  All the while the new bulb (that you now see) was being formed on top of the old bulb.  The old bulb is now nothing more than a flat disc on the bottom of the new bulb.  It is best to remove the old bulb before storing.  You can pry it off with your thumb or a teaspoon.  They sometimes come off easier if you wait a few weeks after digging.  You may also see tiny bulblets surrounding the bulb.  Some varieties only provide a few where some other varieties provide many.  These can be saved and planted next year.  (Contact a member of our club to learn more about the bulblets.)


Bulbs should be stored in as cold a temperature as possible but without freezing.  Paper bags work well as each variety can be labeled.  Check your bulbs a couple of times through the winter to make sure they are not drying up or molding.  Steps can be taken to remedy these issues.  Again, check with a member of the club for more details.


It’s always exciting to look forward to our next growing season!